From Bust to Boom

Switching Industries in Australia

The job market is fragile. It can turn on a dime. Be it a shift in government policy, a major player deciding to take production offshore, or a global pandemic, there are many ways in which the job market can shift in an instant. This type of fragility can have a huge impact on the jobs available, and can quickly lead to your industry evaporating and your role vanishing overnight.

But it’s not all bad news. It’s like they say, when one door closes, a window opens…

With the right knowhow, you can quickly make the switch from one industry that’s scaling back to another that’s rapidly expanding. BOOM and your problem is solved!


What industries are BOOMING right now?

Markets shift quickly. But we move quicker. We are experts in job market analysis and want our job seekers to be ahead of the curve. We know the industries booming now and those that will likely boom in the near future.

Today, our market experts have identified the following BOOM industries for job seekers to focus on.

BOOMING Industries

Food Services

Demand across the food services industry is booming, particularly in essential services such as groceries. Now is the time to start applying!

Transport & Delivery

The road forward for this industry is booming! Discover what positions are available, and what you need to do to make the switch.


With some highs and lows over the past decades, cleaning is now an essential service that is likely to rapidly expand – find out how to get involved!

Manufacturing & Warehousing

National self-sufficiency and huge demand for essentials has seen a positive shift in domestic Manufacturing and Warehousing. Find out what’s available and how you can start!


IT services and customer service has never been more important. Our demand to be connected is rapidly increasing. Discover how you can become a part of this BOOMING industry.

How Switcharoo helps you enter a BOOMING industry

We offer straightforward, quick and affordable JOB STARTER PACKS to help prepare you for new industry. Get the skills – and the confidence – to switch from BUST to BOOM.

Our JOB STARTER PACKS couple real world job skills with job application skills - ensuring there is no obstacle in your way. Success is only one day away with Switcharoo.



Self-paced online course (will only take a few hours to complete) with a Certificate of Completion


Resume and Cover Letter templates tailored to the industry and showcasing your new skills and job readiness


Interview Preparation Guide designed specifically for your new industry.

Our Starter Packs will arm you with the essentials in just one day – so you can start applying for new roles ASAP!

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