Making the Switch to Cleaning

It’s survived the 2008-09 recession, hit some highs and lows over the past decade, and just last year began experiencing a new lease on life.

Today, it’s an essential service that’s likely to rapidly expand over the next few years. The cleaning industry is booming – now is the time to make the switch!


The Two Types of Cleaner


Commercial Cleaner

Provides services to shopping centres, restaurants, factories, warehouses, retail stores, schools, offices and other commercial outlets. Typically accounts for a third of total business – but it’s a safer bet when there are low vacancy rates for commercial spaces.


Domestic Cleaner

Generally focuses on homes and residential apartments. Most popular in areas where the occupants make above-average income. Typical customers are people looking to free up some time in their week to spend on other activities.

Both domestic and commercial cleaning break down into various subdivisions.
A Domestic Cleaner could work for a company that specialises in fortnightly cleans, including laundry and other household chores. Alternatively, they could work for a business that provides rental property “exit” cleans.

Commercial Cleaners, on the other hand, may need OH&S training specific to the sites they’re working on, or they may need training on commercial cleaning equipment.

How to Become a Cleaner

The cleaning sector is adapting quickly to emerging needs. Now is the time for job seekers who may have never worked in the industry before to make the switch. Your service is needed!

At Switcharoo, we offer quick and affordable Job Starter Packs that give you the skills – and the confidence – you need to jump headfirst into a new cleaning role. Apply today!


Cleaning (Domestic)


Cleaning (Commercial)


Cleaning services are highly valued now more than ever before. Cleaners are on the frontline, helping to keep our community stay safe. This BOOMING industry will play an integral role in getting the economy back on its feet, now and into the future.

That’s why our Job Starter Packs incorporate what you need to know about COVID-19 infection prevention, control and management, ensuring you’re one-step-ahead when you start applying for your new role.

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