Essential Food Services in High Demand

The concept of food delivery isn’t new, but it’s certainly growing – with that growth expected to increase by $2.4 billion by 2025 (and that was predicted before coronavirus!).

But it’s not just delivery – demand across the whole food services industry is booming, which is why it’s time to start applying, no matter your previous experience!


What Kind of Roles Are Available in Food Services?

There are a myriad of roles in the food service industry, but some are more in demand than others. Essential food services, such as groceries are a high priority right now – not dining and entertainment.

Shelf Filler

Ensure shelves and product displays remain stocked. Rotate stock on shelves, ensuring that earlier use-by dates are at the front.

Retail Picker & Packer

With online orders booming, shoppers need their goods selected from stores and packaged for shipping or collection.

Delivery Driver

Whether it’s takeaway or groceries delivery drivers are an essential service that is easy to step into for reliable individuals with their drivers license.

Job Starter Packs for the Food Service Industry


Customer Service & Call Centre Operations



Make the Switch to the Food Services Industry

Switching to a new industry always feels a little daunting – it’s even more worrying when everyone else with similar skills to you is also looking for work. But it’s not impossible! Sometimes all you need is a small confidence boost to help you make the switch.

That’s why at Switcharoo we’re offering Job Starter Packs that do just that. We’ll give you the insider knowledge you need to walk into any interviews with swagger.

Become job-ready for a wide range of booming industries, including essential food services, and start applying for new roles ASAP!

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