Becoming a Call Centre Operator

Telecommunications is growing rapidly. Our demand to be connected at all times is always increasing. But technology isn’t infallible; from billing enquiries to technical assistance, there will always be a need for support.

With some call centre roles allowing you to work from home, and others allowing you to become a part of a tight-knit team, now is the time to enter the booming telecommunications industry!


The Different Types of Call Centre Roles Available


Customer Service Representative

Provides assistance with complaints and questions, gives information about products and services, takes and manages orders.

Helpdesk Consultant

Primary point of contact for IT incidents, addresses user requests and questions, provides communication between other users and other technical support.


Contact people to solicit sales. Just like door-to-door sales, the goal is to pitch a product or service to a customer so well that they ultimately want to buy it.

ICT Sales Assistant

Sell computing and telecommunications related goods and services to retail and wholesale customers.

Inbound Operator

Takes and manages calls. Typically account enquiries, but could also be sales and support services.

Outbound Operator

Makes and manages calls. Typically for sales, but could be to provide information or request feedback.

Job Starter Packs for the Telecommunications Industry


Customer Service & Call Centre Operations

Join the Telecommunications Industry

Whether the role is selling products, providing support for services, or answering customer enquiries, there are a range of opportunities available in the telecommunications industry.

But how do you make your application stand out?

That’s where Switcharoo can help. We provide a range of Job Starter Packs that give you the confidence you need to make the switch to the BOOMING telecommunications industry without the need for any direct experience.

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