Coles & Woolworths Hire Thousands of Workers

12th May, 2020 | Food Services, Transport


Opportunity Awaits

As COVID-19 forces us to come to terms with social distancing, we feel the pain of the global economic crisis in our everyday lives. Most industries are experiencing an unprecedented bust, resulting in a devastating loss of jobs.

But there is hope. Some industries are thriving, creating jobs.

With so many Australians stock piling groceries, the demand for domestic provisions has rapidly increased. To accommodate this demand, supermarkets require thousands more staff. Supermarket retailer, Woolworths has recently stated it will hire 20,000 workers over the next month to keep up with drastic growth.

“These new roles will not only help us better serve the increase in demand we’re seeing in stores right now, but also allow us to scale up home delivery operations in the months ahead,” said Brad Banducci, CEO of the Woolworths Group.

The jobs include everything from production and warehousing, from shelf-filling to packing orders, form customer service to delivery driving. Every part of the industry is booming. And it’s safe to say they will boom for a good while yet.

Coles Supermarkets have seen similar growth in demand.

After announcing 12,000 jobs across the country, Coles was inundated with over 36,000 applications from job seekers.

As laid-off workers are left wondering how to pay bills, we realise adaptation is our best chance of survival. This is an opportunity for workers to secure an income in a new field, whether it be permanently or temporarily; it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Switching from a job in a bust industry to a boom industry is our best shot at financial security throughout the pandemic.

“These are uncertain times for many industries, and we have an important role to play keeping Australians employed through this crisis,” said Banducci.

While this is all great news for job seekers, standing out as an applicant will be the key to success in securing one of these great boom industry opportunities.