Qualified Cleaners Urgently Needed

12th May, 2020 | Cleaning


As Australians battle to protect themselves, their families and businesses from potential COVID-19 contamination, professional cleaning services are in high demand.

Opportunities in the cleaning industry are booming, especially for workers with specialised skills and training in viricidal cleaning. Virucides are antivirus agents that destroy or neutralise a virus -like the Novel Coronavirus- and are often administered by cleaning experts.

“The virucides used take immediate effects and eliminate the microorganisms,” explains Australian cleaning company, Fantastic Services in an official statement. “Our treatment is effective against germs, fungi, viruses, mould and bacteria. We are able to disinfect highly touched surfaces.”

As coronavirus can last for days on various surfaces, deep cleaning has become an essential practice to fight the spread of infection. Some essential services have hired cleaners to be on standby with spray bottles to disinfect any touched surfaces as soon as clients leave.

“In many cases, more hours will have been added to ensure safe workloads for cleaners to keep shopping centres safe and hygienic,” states the Cleaning Accountability Framework of Australia.

The New South Wales Government has also announced a funded initiative to boost cleaning services and employ cleaners in government schools and buildings.

The spike in demand for cleaners is undeniable and across the spectrum from nursing homes to major banks.

In March, National Australia Bank (NAB) headquarters in Melbourne was evacuated after a worker tested positive for novel coronavirus.

“In consultation with health authorities, we are evacuating the 700 Bourke Street building and will have it pandemically cleansed,” said Ross McEwan, NAB CEO in an email to NAB employees.
Westpac head offices in Sydney were similarly affected by three suspected infections and saw two floors of the building evacuated as a precaution.

Even the New York Stock Exchange building was disinfected as fears the Novel Coronavirus would contaminate the busy workplace, icon of the US economy. The neoclassical building was fully sanitised by industrial viricidal cleaners for the first time since it opened 117 years ago.

“I think it’d be a great idea to do it once a month even if there wasn’t a virus,” Tim Anderson, trading floor worker and Managing Director of TJM investments told the New York Times. “It’s the most sacred 40 square feet in finance,” said John Tuttle, Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

Their sentiment is shared by many in these challenging times. Millions of people are ‘taking stock’ of what is held sacred in their own lives and are willing to protect it against threats like viruses. This can be achieved by measures including increased cleaning routines.

This resurgence of germ awareness has incited the development of schemes to permanently manage risk and ensure ongoing protection of the community. This affects the market of commercial, public and domestic spaces; resulting in the longevity of the cleaning industry boom, securing thousands of jobs in this sector across the world.

To respond to this demand, cleaning companies are expanding their teams and services. Company, Austral Cleaning, provides rapid emergency response 24/7 in Queensland and Victoria and has expanded their business to include viricidal services in response to the COVID-19 crisis. While Fantastic Services now offer a new Antiviral Sanitisation service, available for homes, businesses and cars.

The precedent for thorough, deep cleaning has been established through a history of combating other viruses, such as MRSA, Ebola and the common norovirus. Experts in these industries routinely deal with situations like the aftermath of natural disasters and crime scenes, meth labs, sewage and mould removal, so safety precautions for cleaners and clients are well practiced.

COVID-19 has impacted the health, wellbeing and livelihoods of millions of people the world over. As we celebrate our heroic frontline workers, cleaning professionals are side-by-side our health care workers in the defence against Coronavirus. Australians are grateful to all the cleaners helping to stop the spread and we’d like to take a moment and say, Thank you.

For those finding themselves recently unemployed due to COVID-19, there are serval job options available if you’re ready to make the switch. The Austral Cleaning website states they provide “support and guaranteed income.” Companies in Australia like Cleanworks, Crown Engineering, Maid2Match and Onix Cleaning Services are currently all advertising job vacancies for cleaners of varying experience levels.