Telstra Calls Out for More Staff

12th May, 2020 | Telecommunications & Customer Service


Despite the COVID-19-induced rise in unemployment, there are still plenty of job opportunities in Australia… if you know where to look.

Both the public and private sector in boom industries are hiring en masse to manage the demand. Telecommunications and technology business, Telstra is experiencing an unprecedented network demand due to the pandemic conditions.

“As more people work from home and schools close, we are seeing demand on our network increase daily and this will continue,” said Andrew Penn, Telstra CEO.

Telstra recently reported some mobile call volumes are up by more than 50 per cent. While calls to specific government call centres are experiencing over 20 times the normal call volume.

“We will be adding to our team to help manage call centre volumes and better serve our customers during this time, by recruiting an additional 1,000 temporary contractors in Australia,” said Penn.

Employment opportunities like this one are created as a result of a company successfully responding to a drastically shifting market.

“We can play our part in the national response to this rapidly-evolving situation,” said Penn. Under the social distancing regulations, many of Telstra’s in-person customer service roles are now delivered online or via telecommunication. All digital capabilities have been increased, such as the launch of the new My Telstra app which eliminates physical contact between staff and customer.

As all these alterations, updates and upgrades need to be serviced by staff, Telstra is booming with employment opportunity, against the economic trend of COVID-19.

“The sheer size and scale of our business means we have a huge breadth of career paths available,” The Telstra website states. It currently offers ten pages of listed job vacancies and an option to register for job alerts.

Telstra’s call centre hiring process is online application followed by a video interview. Wai, Senior recruitment lead at Telstra, offers this advice for candidates, “It’s important in your CV to make a good first impression. Make sure it’s easy to read and flows.”

To impress Telstra or other telecommunication providers and secure a job within this booming industry, it is crucial to stand out from the sea of online applicants.